Eight Strong Territories of Eight Strong Countries

This site collects information about the development of the G8x8 territories. These are the eight most productive states, provinces, laender, or other first-level administrative regions within the eight top GDP countries of the world. For country comparison, we use GDP data of the World Bank, based on US dollars. For comparison within each country, we use GDP data of the national statistics offices, based on the national currencies. There is some fluctuation within the G8x8 from year to year. For the purpose of continuity, we update the composition of G8x8 only once in a few years or when major changes occur.

The current composition of G8x8 is based on the latest available data as of September 2017:

  • World Bank data of 2016, source linked in the top left cell;
  • country data of the national statistics offices, sources linked on the country flags.

The percentage a territory takes in the national GDP is shown in brackets [%].

We are still looking for specialized editors for each of the G8x8 territories. Please register online or send us your e-mail.