About us

Grasp the German System to Master Vocational Education

We are a group of independent freelance consultants and researchers on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) with a long experience in international cooperation programmes and projects that aim to promote sustainable TVET systems worldwide.

Our specialty is the combination of technical and educational know-how of advanced TVET with a strong intercultural empathy and deep understanding of political, cultural, and economic charactaristics of the various countries and regions. We achieve sustainable localization by extracting the most advantageous aspects of both global and regional experience.


Helmut Schönleber

Vocational Education & Sustainable Development of Business Communities. Expertise: development and implementation of international cooperation projects with a focus on vocational education and training, regional economic policy, business communities and private sector development. Regional experience in Germany (home), China (18 years), and the USA (3 years), multiple short-term assignments in Afghanistan and the Lao PDR.

Klaus-Jürgen Brix

Consultant. More than 20 years experience in vocational education and training. Working as technical trainer and training developer. Experience in several international projects, especially with Chinese partners. Experience in development of authoring and e-learning systems.